Join us: Creative content creator with business acumen – in English

We´re a team that is built on trust and the will to find what is relevant.
We´re a team that thrives on the goals provided by our clients.
We´re a team with the balls to challenge conventions as well as ourselves – with love. 

We are privileged to work with goal driven clients. We grow on the creative challenges that they feed us. We are now searching for THE determined and committed team player who shares our values.

Write as if our lives depend on it

We want to define a tight role for you – so that you can then break the mold by proving your discipline. That´s why we are Hansdotter. You are the person we are looking for if you poop English for breakfast and read the business columns for fun. If you understand teamwork and goals – even virtually/remotely. If you respect goals, challenging and being challenged. If you understand the co-play between creativity and strategy, business and sales. If you follow trends and not just fashion. If you love feedback, pirouettes and fast changes. If you live and breathe for your will to learn more. And most importantly, if you have a big compassionate heart.

For all that you bring we can provide a safe house for you to grow in. Inspiring clients with global needs. A secure income in an environment filled with gratitude and benefits. And most importantly, a caring team to challenge you and love you.

Hansdotter was founded in 2018. We are a strategy driven creative agency focused on content creation and marketing. We continue to grow strong through the team and clients we choose to acquire. We are built on trust – and love.

Send your application and all relevant information latest on 14.3.2021 to . Choose two examples of your previous work and send links to them.